Invest with us

At Dream Homes DR, we invite you to invest in Real Estate!

It is always an excellent option, because it is the only financial instrument that can maintain and increase its value over time. It is also a very low-risk, high-return asset that can easily become a solid source of passive income and/or capitalization.

Dream Homes DR gives you another great advantage: you don’t need to be an experienced investor to start an investment portfolio. Anyone who has good credit management. You can start in properties with a minimum investment of 20%-30% of their value. But it is important to define with what type of property to start the investment portfolio, since real estate offers a wide variety of ideal possibilities to have a diversified portfolio that includes: family properties, tourist properties, commercial and corporate premises, lots, among others.

At Dream Homes DR, anyone with credit can invest in real estate.

Part of the magic of real estate is that the amount necessary to start your investment in real estate can be from (US $160,000.00 or over US $350,000.00) this, it is totally connected with, Your credit capacity and your mindset about risk. It is important to highlight that each investor is different and, therefore, your investment reality, will be different from the rest of the investors in the sector. And offering you financing at the most attractive rate in the market. At the same time, we guarantee the best Capital Gains on the market in dollars.