Retirement Plans

Life in an affordable tropical paradise is a dream for many people, not just retirees. The Dominican Republic is ideal for anyone who wants to live a more relaxed life, whether you want to move to the Caribbean full time or are looking for vacations or investment properties. It offers you the opportunity to live a comfortable life on a retirement budget. It allows you to live in luxury for a fraction of the cost in North America.

The North of the DR is home to a large and vibrant expat community that is friendly, active and growing every year! Spending your days with an active group of like-minded retirees can make your retirement a much more enriching experience that brings a lot of joy to your life. The island itself is very safe and stable.

The DR has world-class medical facilities and services, with many English-speaking doctors and nurses. The infrastructure is comparable to what you are used to and there is reliable internet connectivity. DR1 is a tourist mecca, which means there are plenty of flights from the US and Canada; Many direct.

It is possible to live in the Dominican Republic on a budget of around US$1,500 to US$2,500 per month.

When your finances are in order and you don’t have that stress, it’s even easier to enjoy your days on the golf course or tennis court, at the beach or in the pool.